PTDI presents PCE BOOT CAMP – OSCE day Workshop

1 day workshop consisting of back-to-back stations developed by PTDI to mimic the intense scenarios you may encounter on the exam day. Continual monitoring and feedback for participants to ensure you are doing this right! A group of Canadian trained registered Physiotherapist will follow up each mock station with a review and demonstration of how to properly execute the station.

The PCE BOOT CAMP includes our 271 page PTDI: PCE CLINICAL COMPONENT HANDBOOK. This comprehensive handbook was designed to help guide you in your preparation for your Physiotherapy Competency Exam.
Our course is designed to prepare both Canadian and International Physiotherapy Residents for the Clinical Component.

The PCE Boot Camp is geared towards Canadian PT school graduates due to the fast pace of the course. The PCE Boot Camp is only offered prior to the November PCE Clinical Component.

Course material will include (not limited to):

Template of how to tackle specific types of stations

5 min stations, 10 minute stations, 8+2 minute stations, PEP

Areas of practice:

Professional practice and ethics

Skills assessed:

Assessment and evaluation

Obtain a focused history
Conduct a focused physical examination

Interpretation, planning, intervention and re-evaluation

Develop a treatment plan
Perform an intervention

Professional responsibilities

Course will include:

Comprehensive 271 page PTDI: PCE Study Guide, which covers the major topics you need to pass

Includes detailed assessment and treatment techniques that you need to know for MSK, cardiorespiratory, neurological, multi-systems, amputations/post-ops, and pediatric conditions
Includes relevant Professional Practice information that you need to know to practice safely in Canada

Connect with other PCE candidates who are serious about passing the PCE

Practice with gait aids, modalities, and other assessment and treatment devices.

Full email access to our team of Canadian-educated Registered Physiotherapists until you take the exam